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Before showing my work, I was a Creative Director, film and Art Director in Paris, Los Angeles and New York. I have been painting for sometime but barely showing. In 2005, I started to expose and sell in St Barth at the Bagdad Gallery and then went on, showing in N.Y., and East Hampton and, permanently, at Ducasse in Provence.

Now, and also with the "Artists of St Barth", in St Barth, where I have my studio. Collectors ( B. Hilton, Wilbur Ross, etc.) in N.Y. , Miami, Piittsburg, Los Angeles, Paris, Chicago, London, Sevilla, Corsica, Milano, Johannesburg and St Barth, have been amateurs of my work. I also help produce films our son, Dylan Verrechia, directs. Films shot in Mexico, the US and Europe, which were and are awarded in Sundance, San Francisco, San Antonio, Barcelona, Hawai, Chicago, Morella, New York and Los Angeles.

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Jean Verrechia