Jean Verrechia, a French artist, Art Director, Creative and film Director, worked in Paris, Los Angeles, New York. In 2005, he started a new painting career.

He has been showing his work in the U.S, France and St Barthelémy.
He has a permanent showing at Alain Ducasse in Provence.
He is selling his work to international collectors in New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Pittsburg, Chicago, London, Seville, Paris, Milan, etc.
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Jean Verrechia also produces films, features and shorts, that Dylan Verrechia directs.
Their most recent feature, "Tierra Madre" was awarded more than 10 times in international festivals.
Also, films like "Tijuana makes me happy", "Kids of the Majestic", "The laughter of God", received more than twenty awards in New York, Los Angeles, Sundance, Chicago, San Francisco, San Antonio, Barcelona, Morelia, Hawai, etc.

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